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"The best physician is Nature, as it heals three-quarters of all ills" (Galeno)

A modern temple of health in the heart of Alta Maremma on the Etruscan Coast, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the green hills of Tuscany. Terme di Venturina has a wide range of spa treatments for treating various ailments.

The best treatment is prevention, as the ancient Romans claimed, using the phrase “Salus per aquam” meaning health through water. In fact, the thermal waters, before treating diseases, can prevent illness and maintain a good state of health as long as possible.

Terme di Venturina offers natural spa treatments that use the properties of the Crater Spring. Its thermal waters were already known by the Etruscans and Romans, as indicated by the name “Aquae Populoniae” (Baths of Populonia). They flow at 45°C throughout the year and are classified as sulfate-calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate-alkaline earth. Their chemical-physical characteristics make them particularly suitable for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory, otorhinolaryngological, rheumatic, digestive tract, skin and circulatory system diseases (peripheral vascular disease).

The facility offers mineral water cures, mud baths, hydrotherapy and inhalation treatments by arrangement with the National Health Service, and classic spa treatments, which combine wellness and beauty, with standard or customized packages. Terme di Venturina thus offers a complete range of natural therapies that address the desire to feel good and stay healthy.

The entire facility, located on one floor, is accessible to the disabled and elderly.


This consists of immersing in a bath containing thermal water at a temperature of 36°C (which can be adjusted according to the patient's needs). The bath, lasting about 12 minutes, is usually performed in the morning on an empty stomach or after digestion. At the end, the patient, well covered, is left to rest in a bed for 15 minutes to complete the adaptations, especially vascular, and to perspire.


This consists of the administration of thermal water to drink for therapeutic purposes. The water is drunk lukewarm, has no unpleasant odor and is tasteless. In general, this must be done in the morning on an empty stomach, or otherwise away from meals, to facilitate the absorption of the elements present in the water and increase the therapeutic effects.


The mud is applied on the whole body (total mud) or only on the parts affected by the condition (partial mud). The mud is coated at a temperature of 44°C, and maintained for 12 minutes, then, according to medical opinion, can be followed by a therapeutic bath or a shower. The patient, once dried, is left to rest on a cot for about 15 minutes (reaction time). In doing so, the patient continues to sweat and eliminate toxins. The treatment must be carried out under fasting conditions.


This is a therapeutic practice that is performed by immersing the patient in a tank containing thermal water (usually at 36°C) with simultaneous massage on some points of the body with a water jet. The whirlpool also has a sedative, draining, relaxing and mechanical effect all over the body.


This is a therapeutic practice that is performed through the inhalation of thermal water decomposed into very fine particles. Four types of treatment can be performed: Hot-humid inhalation, Flowing water aerosol, Ionic aerosol, Nebulization


This can be total, on the whole body, or partial, which focuses only on a certain area. It is recommended especially after mud treatment or hydromassage.


Booking is required only for therapeutic mud and can be performed by calling 0565.851066 or sending an email to:


The fee for those who are not exempt is €55.00. To begin the treatment cycle, it is necessary to carry out the intake and medical entrance examination (included in the fee). At the time of intake, you need to bring:

  • health referral compiled as above by your GP
  • identifying documentation
  • fiscal code
  • health card

The intake office observes the opening hours of the establishment.


At Terme di Venturina you can obtain thermal treatments by arrangement with the health service (SSN Agreement).
The Agreements in Direct Assistance are those of A.S.L and I.N.A.I.L
For Mud Therapy:
“A mud cycle plus therapeutic baths are required for osteoarthritis”
For Respiratory Care:
“An inhalation treatment cycle is required for bronchitis or chronic sinusitis”
For Baths:
“A cycle of thermal baths is required for osteoarthritis”
For Drinking:
“A cycle of mineral water treatments is required for dyspepsia of gastroenteric or biliary origin”

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